Blinds in Dubai: Types of Blinds

Wondering where you can find good quality blinds in Dubai? Before you even consider buying one, why not learn more about the different types of blinds and what suits your needs?

Blinds and shades are an other option to standard window medications, for example, draperies and curtains. Introducing blinds and shades is a simple approach to control the measure of light and protection a room gets. For one thing, decide in what space you need to hang a visually impaired or shade. To help you pick between the two styles, here are the essential contrasts:


Considered hard window medications, blinds are accessible in different materials, including aluminum, fake wood, vinyl, wood, and common textures.

Blinds highlight supports, otherwise called vanes, which can be tilted or calculated to direct light into the room. For little space living, consider more extensive level braces to help make the hallucination of greater windows. To look after security, you can keep braces totally open, in part open, or shut.



Considered delicate window medicines, shades are accessible in various styles including: Roman shades, honeycomb/cell shades, and power outage.

A flexible style, shades arrived in an extensive variety of surfaces, examples, and texture weights.

Not at all like blinds, shades are normally controlled by a draw harmony system, which implies they must be raised or brought down.


Read on to discover what visually impaired or shade will work best in your space.

Sorts of Blinds

Wood Blinds

Considered a present day other option to screens, woods blinds offer a warm and welcoming look. Check out Oryx Doors to see different types of blinds in Dubai available.

Wood blinds are accessible in light and dim shades and in finished or painted completions.

For a hearty vibe, pick supports made out of bamboo; both beautifying and eco-accommodating.

Artificial Wood Blinds

Artificial wood blinds are more tough and dampness safe than genuine wood.

This kind of visually impaired is frequently utilized as a part of high mugginess spaces, for example, the kitchen, restroom, or carport if the look of wood is wanted.

Vertical Blinds

A solid and spending plan amicable alternative, vertical blinds are ideal for windows that are more extensive than they are tall.

These blinds are useful, as well as give greatest light control.

Perfect for any expansive glass window, vertical blinds are particularly mainstream for sliding entryways.

Aluminum Blinds

Offering a smooth and rich look, these blinds are regularly utilized as a part of spaces like the front room or room.

This tough style is produced using either 6-or 8-gage aluminum.

Aluminum blinds normally run in size from 1/2-inch smaller scale blinds to 2-inch blinds.

Warm Blinds

An eco-accommodating decision, this kind of visually impaired rations vitality and keeps your space warm while sifting or obstructing through light.

Normal Fabrics

Produced using materials, for example, cotton, characteristic textures help keep a space delicate and welcoming by letting in simply the perfect measure of light.

Offers light separating amid the day and protection during the evening.

Perfect for lounge rooms, kitchens, and lounge areas.